Classic Mission trip


Located in the middle of Standing Rock Reservation, McLaughlin, SD is the "hub" of the reservation. Plagued by drug and alcohol abuse much of the reservation much of individuals have resulted in an array of issues including abuse, neglect, and suicide. We strive to impact the community in three ways:

  1. Socially through building relationships with the youth.

  2. Physically through meaningful work projects that help families and children.

  3. Spiritually through the relationships built and bridging the gap between God and individuals who may be unaware of their salvation.

We have proven strategies of succeeding in these three areas through years of experience, prayer, and expert opinions and research. Throughout the day, students are broken up into work teams and given responsibility of completing a work project for a community member. In McLaughlin, we also will be organizing a "Kids Camp," where we will spend extra time building and fostering relationships with children and teens. 

Then in the evening, we will continue with community outreach, where students build relationships with children, teens, and young adults through activities such as basketball, volleyball, and other games and outreach. We believe these relationships don't only directly lead towards evangelization and discipleship, but also give our students a platform to step outside of their comfort zones and grow deeper their own faith.

Finally at night, we gather as a group inside our facilities and participate in worship, testimonies, sharing, mass, and adoration. At this time, students get to reflect on the service and fellowship that they completed throughout the day. This is our strong spiritual focus, encouraging and enabling our students to develop a deeper relationship with Christ.

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Spots Remaining
June 6-12
Trip Cost


Travel to and from the Reservation and during the trip will take place in our Evangeletes bus. The drivers are properly CDL certified through the state of IL and have years of experience in driving to, from, and on the reservation. No one will drive longer than 6-hour shifts during the trips up and back.


All participants traveling to McLaughlin, SD will be staying at St. Bernard's Catholic Church for the duration of their trip. This facility is located in the middle of the town about one mile from where community outreach takes place at the local gymnasium. St. Bernard's has multiple bathrooms and separate shower rooms with two individual showers each for males and females. Sleeping arrangements will be in a large living room-type area with a curtain draped down the middle, effectively separating the two genders. All doors to the facility will be locked at all times and no one will be allowed outside after dark for safety precautions.

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Possible Projects

We strive to positively impact the communities we serve. This means focusing on meaningful work projects. We do not assign our students to tedious tasks such as mowing lawns or pulling weeds. All students will serve as an important piece of an effort to help develop areas of Standing Rock.

This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Building of handicap ramps and decks

  • Flooring projects

  • Sheetrock and drywall repairs

  • Building of handicap accessible showers

  • Exterior and interior painting jobs

  • Much more


All of our projects are prayerfully discussed and chosen with the help of community leaders. This ensures that our projects are a part of a greater effort to positively impact Standing Rock.  


Packing List

  • Twin Size Air Mattress

  • Bedding & Pillow

  • Water Bottle

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Towel

  • Toiletries

  • Swim Suit

  • Work Shoes

  • Work Clothes

  • Casual Clothes

  • Tennis Shoes

  • Sandals

  • Bible 

  • Work Gloves

  • Safety Glasses

Daily Schedule

7 AM: Wake up/Breakfast

8 AM: Morning Mass/Worship/Daily Devotion

9 AM-12 PM: Students break up into work teams

12-2 PM: Lunch/Free time/Workouts for athletes

2:30-5 PM: Kids camp/Vacation Bible school

5 PM: Dinner

6-8 PM: Community Outreach


9 PM: Evening Worship/Testimonies

11 PM: Lights Out


The safety of our students is our top priority. We have implemented easy and reasonable procedures that ensure all individuals on Evangeletes mission trips are safe. All participants will be certified in Safe Environment Training. Our staff members are not only certified in Safe Environment but CPR and Emergency Certified as well. An EA staff member and/or adult chaperone will be present on every work site at all times. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding our safety precautions.  

Students are allowed to keep and use their phones at their own risk and responsibility. All EA staff members and adult chaperones will have phones on them at all times. 

Emergency contacts:

Josh Martel: 309.644.0185

Ryan Merideth: 309.781.0586

Kelsey Schraeder: 309.945.2411