Big dreams, humble beginnings.


All being very active in Christian retreat program, Teens Encounter Christ (TEC), Blake Matson, Drew Merideth, and Kelsey Schraeder met each other in 2013. After several weekend retreats and completing a mission trip together, Blake and Drew began dreaming of a ministry that could reach more young adults in the name of Jesus. Following a 15 hour drive to South Dakota and a few rebuttals regarding the name, the two collegiate athletes realized that sports could be used as a platform to disciple to others. Evangeletes was born and they knew just who to pitch this idea to: a talented, experienced graphic designer. Enter Kelsey. 

It took just a few minutes for Kelsey to design the logo Evangeletes still uses today, and from there, EA was off and running organizing thoughts, convincing supporters, and building a brand and ministry that would make an impact. 

Evangeletes, or Evangelizing Athletes, was originally thought to be a sports ministry for college athletes. However, with the large positive response from students and the community, they realized it could be so much more. Rather, it became a ministry that uses various fellowship activities, not just sports, as stepping stones to build relationships that lead to discipleship. 2016 Evangeletes, along with a partner ministry WOW, embarked on a summer slotted for 3 mission trips to Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota. During these trips, Evangeletes felt a call to step with God 

in faith and take an impromptu 4th trip to build a wheelchair ramp and handicap accessible shower for a young boy named Lakin. 

Following this successful trip, Evangeletes ventured out as its own non-profit ministry. 

In 2017, EA took 92 participants on 4 mission trips to 3 different communities on Standing Rock and made an investment into the communities with several meaningful work projects. On and off the courts, Evangeletes built and fostered relationships with children, teens, and adults; pursuing Christ through discipleship.