the second step

On all of our mission trips, we aim to garner relationships between our students and young people we connect with on the reservation. Our goal is that these friendships will eventually, in time, lead to evangelization. 
We believe that time is now. 

The addition of this trip last year was nothing short of a huge success. Our goal this year is to build upon last year's foundation. This short weekend will allow us to reconnect with past friends in order to increase the desire to have a relationship with Jesus and the Church on the reservation and in our own hearts.


Drug and alcohol abuse plagues much of the reservation, resulting in an array of issues including abuse, neglect, and suicide. We firmly believe through Jesus, relationships could ultimately deter these challenges from plaguing the next generation. 

The aim of this retreat is connect these relationships with the work of the Church, giving a more clear route for the young people on Standing Rock to continue their faith formation after our trips have gone home.

Rooted in Catholic Sacraments and teaching, teamed with our ability to connect and relate to young people, these short three days are sure to impact both the young people from Standing Rock and the students that will be a part of our team. 


*Due to the unique nature of this trip, there are a few requirements we are asking for in the students that will be members of our team. Please see them below before applying.*


Spots Remaining
Males: 6
Females: 9
July 22-27
Trip Cost
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Participants of the Mission Retreat will be staying in McLaughlin, staying at St. Bernard's Parish. This location is equipped with  gender specific showers and bathrooms, A/C, and is a safe and secure facility. The location will have team members from Evangeletes as well as chaperones at all times.


Travel to and from the Reservation and during the trip will take place in our Evangeletes bus. The drivers are properly CDL certified through the state of IL and have years of experience in driving to, from, and on the reservation. No one will drive longer than 6-hour shifts during the trips up and back.

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Due to the unique nature of this retreat, we do have a couple requirements we are looking for in team members. This is to help ensure the best possible outcome is experienced by all parties and students.

The requirements are:

  • In college, college-aged, or older

  • Experience on an EA mission trip prior to

  • Participated in a TEC, Koinonia, or similar retreat

The goal of this retreat is not just to connect with these young people, but also to connect them with the Catholic churches in their communities. For this reason, we are looking for the listed requirements. 


One does not have to meet all requirements, however it is preferred. If you are worried you do not meet one, please contact us with questions and concerns.

Packing List

  • Twin Size Air Mattress

  • Bedding & Pillow

  • Water Bottle

  • Towel

  • Toiletries

  • Casual Modest Clothes

  • Tennis Shoes

  • Sandals

  • Bible 

  • Rosary


Wednesday - Travel Day


Thursday - Retreat Prep

Friday - Start of weekend

Saturday - Full day of reflections, small groups, Mass, prayer services and more

Sunday - Mass in the AM and closing of retreat weekend with clean-up to follow

Monday - Travel Day


The safety of our students is our top priority. We have implemented easy and reasonable procedures that ensure all individuals on Evangeletes mission trips are safe. All participants will be certified in Safe Environment Training. Our staff members are not only certified in Safe Environment but CPR and Emergency Certified as well. An EA staff member and/or adult chaperone will be present on every work site at all times. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding our safety precautions.  

Students are allowed to keep and use their phones at their own risk and responsibility. All EA staff members and adult chaperones will have phones on them at all times. 

Emergency contacts:

Josh Martel: 309.644.0185

Ryan Merideth: 309.781.0586

Kelsey Schraeder: 309.945.2411