You're never "too old"

We'll get straight to the point - we need chaperones on our mission trips in order to operate effectively. Although there are several members from our team on each trip, we prefer to have an extra set of adult eyes on our students. So if you like being around teens and younger kids, are willing to put in some work, and are potentially comfortable driving a vehicle - you sound like the perfect chaperone for us.  

We have seen chaperones not just be adult supervisors, but important influences on the experience of our students and the communities we serve. We love the dynamic between an mature(ish) adult, perhaps a parents, and our HS or college students that are  yearning for valuable relationships and mentorship. We have also seen chaperones be encouraged and inspired by the faith and maturity of our students. 
These relationships matter - but they're not possible without you.

Ready to help us this summer?


Due to the unique role we ask of chaperones, we ask that you consider these expectations prior to signing up: 

  • Student safety is #1 priority - this is a chaperones first job. You will placed at work sites and throughout the communities with students - sometimes without our team present - and tasked with ensuring the safety and watch of students.

  • A selfless heart - there will be times that we may ask a chaperone to stay back with a student, or help prep a meal during break time. Along with our team, we need chaperones to be servant leaders of our students and the communities.

  • It is not required, but a chaperone may be asked to drive a van or auxiliary vehicle on the travel up/back and while on the reservation. 

  • Lastly, we just ask that chaperones trust our procedures. We have been doing these mission trips for 5+ years now, making more than 40 combined trips back and forth to the reservation. We're not saying we know everything - but we do have a method to everything that we do. We need chaperones that can trust our decisions.

Complete chaperone inquiry if interested

Please note completing this form does not register you for a trip. 
We require an inquiry of interest form prior to signing a chaperone up.