Be the outstretched hand

Somewhere - sometime - someone invited you to experience something incredible for the first time. Perhaps it was to a retreat, a youth group, a conference, or even a mission trip. How grateful were you, afterwards, that someone personally invited you to experience Jesus in that dynamic way. How grateful were you that someone saw something in you - something special. How grateful were you that they had something incredible - and they decided to share it with YOU. 

We like to think that our mission trips can be incredible opportunities for people - and we want to share the feeling of selflessly giving yourself to others with as many people as possible. And we can use your help. 

With a new Ambassador program, we are asking you to help recruit your friends, classmates, teammates, co-workers and family on an EA trip this summer. Incentivized with dollars off your trip fee for every new participant you bring in under your name, it's our hope that this program benefits both our organization and also you the student. 

We ask that you prayerfully consider joining us as an Ambassador, where we will directly enable you with material, content, and other promotional items to spread the word. You'll serve as an integral part in our mission, not just by signing up - but by inviting others to experience Jesus with you. 

Don't think you "know enough peope?" Think otherwise - you never know who may say yes to not just your invite, but God's invite to help serve Him. Think about Jesus inviting the 12 disciples originally - they weren't the "typical" ones you'd think would build up Christianity as we know it - yet Jesus gave them the chance to say yes and follow him. Shouldn't we do the same?

"The thing that will change the world - the thing that will change the Church - the thing that will transform our culture... is FRIENDSHIPS"

"The Gospel can only advance through friendships"


Fr. Mike Schmitz


Here's an idea about what we are looking for from an ambassador:

  • Be not just willing, but eager to invite anyone and everyone on a mission trip this summer - even if it's not the same as you

  • Utilizing the promotional material we provide on social media networks

  • Invite people personally - not just retweeting our posts

  • Represent Evangeletes Ministries in a respectful manner publicly and on social media

  • Consider hosting a recruitment meeting - where we work with you to schedule an info meeting in your town, parish, or on your campus

  • PRAY - pray for the trips and students that will hopefully join

  • Have FUN - we don't want this to feel like a burden but an exciting way to help each other

Incentive Guidlines

We don't expect you to do this for nothing, our program is simple:

  • Get two (2) *new students to sign up and pay their downpayment for their mission trip = $100 off your trip fee

  • Get five (5) *new students to sign up and pay for their downpayment for their mission trip = $300 off your trip fee


*A new student is defined as anyone who has never previously attended an Evangeletes mission trip at any time

  • If you get more students that five (5) to register, there are no other incentives as your trip is already basically free

  • If you pair this with self- funding t-shirt sales, the two discounts will be added together up to the cost of an entire trip ($350)
    No additional discounts will be given.

Who will you invite?

Complete if interested in becoming an ambassador

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