Summer 2020


Whether you've gone on a trip with us or not, we believe this summer will be like none before. With three similar trips, you can choose which community you want to experience that is best for you. Whatever community you choose, we believe that a trip with us can change you in ways few things can. 

Due to the success of our 3-day retreat last year, we are going to be taking another 

"Trinitatis" trip this year. This trip will allow us to expand upon last year's spiritual impact. If personal connections with a spiritual basis is your forte, this trip is for you. 

We encourage you to click through all of the options listed below and pray about which one is the best fit for you personally, as well as considering what type of impact you want to make.

For questions regarding any of these trips, please don't hesitate to contact us in the top corner.

*One Trip limit per student

June 6-12
4 Spots Remaining    McLaughlin, SD
June 14-20
14 Spots Remaining   Kenel, SD
June 29 - July 5
22 Spots Remaining   Wakpala, SD
July 22-27
15 Spots Remaining   McLaughlin, SD